Friday, April 16, 2010

Week four down, seven left. Time flies by here, hitting town again tomorrow night.

Been digging in sideways rain all day, there is heaps more snow on the hills around here. We are expecting to have snow down to where we work in the next month.

I am still applying for jobs back home too so if any of you know or here of any jobs, I am always looking on Seek and Trademe jobs.

Have fun at the Ball and Grad too, I have skype (my username is: matthew.stulen) so someone skype me when you are all in the piss.


  1. Cool man! whats town like there? Heaps of exotic girls for you to dance with?

    That snow is going to be a bitch! digging in snows not too flash haha. Must look really nice though! Post up some pictures of your work site sometime. Be keen to see what your day to day life is like.

  2. can't post photos with my blogs. will email you some bro