Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last post

Hello followers,

This will be my last post for the trip. Hope you all have enjoyed the (almost) weekly update. I have been here for three months now and so my tour of duty is almost over. We have our last weekend on the town this weekend and then I am home on the 12th of June.

It has been a pretty cool trip and I have experienced the South American culture kind of. Living with 16 other kiwi boys and two maids who speak only Spanish has been an experience on its own. I now have over 700 photos and many stories. I am also fluent in Spanglish too haha

Hope that you have all enjoyed the updates and I will no doubt catch you all up in NZ at some point. I will most likely be moving back to Palmy to be with my girlfriend and if there are no jobs there then Welly or the Hawkes Bay are the next options.

If anyone wants to see my photos I can sort something out like putting them into a zip file. Just email me.

Sweet as,

Matt out