Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hey kids,

2months down and only three more weekends left for exploring. We had a 21st here last night (Saturday) which involved a funnel and a massive bonfire which is always guaranteed a good time.

Hope that you all enjoyed grad week and that you all drunk more than enough.

Not much news this last week, it is supposed to rain this week and not get above 8 degrees during the day. The weather is mean as in the weekends but digging in the rain isn't so bad anymore, it just sux being wet all day long only three weeks left though.

Anyway that's all for this week.

Ciao chicos and chicas

Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 weeks down 4 to go of living the dream...

Time has certainly flown by and this will be one of the last posts on this blog, hope all you guys have been enjoying the weekly update of my travels. My plans for future travels are non-existent at this point but coming back to South America and doing some actual backpacking is on the list including Canada and Europe.

This country (from the little I have experienced) is quite cool and the people are really relaxed, the toughest thing is the language barrier but I have managed to get by alright. We have one more trip planned and that involves heading further south to the glaciers of the Patagonia region, so there will no doubt be photos and stories from that trip.

Have a mean as time at grad this week kids, don't get into too much mischief.

Matt out...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Five more weeks of work left and then we're heading home, having a mean as time here although the work is getting really monotonous. The trees have just begun changing colour and all the snow has melted now.

We spent all week digging in the rain last week, it gets a bit shit being wet all day. Hopefully we will see some sun this week, makes working outside a bit more enjoyable. We are building some really sick single track at the moment in Beech forest. The coolest part of the property we are working on is that it is a retired farm and the forest we are working in is all native regenerating bush.

Anyway hope you all enjoy grad, really sux not to be there with 'The Planners of 2009.' Skype me if you can too guys :)

That's it for another week kids.