Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another week down, done some fishing this afternoon and had a mean as fire on the beach. Only hooked up one salmon but didn't land it- fishing fail. A couple of the other boys landed salmon and we cooked them up on the fire. Nothing quite beats smokey, fire cooked fish.

Week three is upon me and we are still digging at about 800m elevation, hopefully this will be the last week digging this high as we had snow showers last week and it was blimin' freezing riding to work and digging.

Went to town on Saturday morning and went to the hardware store (Bunnings/Mitre 10 Mega equivalent) called Sodimac Home Center. Still getting my head around the language and all I can say is about five or six words in Spainish.

Here is this weeks Spainish sentence : "Uno mas cervaza por favor" translates into: "one more beer please"

That is all for this week, will keep you all updated.

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